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Thursday, July 19, 2007
Seven Stages of Surviving a Breakup

KIND READERS ~ Two long-time friends of mine who were the poster children for couples that actually do work in Second Life just broke up. Needless to say they are both heartbroken, as are their many friends for them. But they are both strong, good, people and will get through this -- whether together or apart -- to find happiness again.

Men and women go through seven stages following a breakup, but they do so in no particular order -- and they may linger or return to certain stages, as well as experience a couple stages at the same time. And those stages are different for each gender.


  1. Anger:'That bitch!'
  2. Crying:(Most of this will happen outside of Second Life)
  3. Lethargy:'Thank goodness for cheap beer and free Internet porn or I'd never put down the remote.'
  4. Industry: 'Wow! I'm getting so much work done -- I can do anything!'
  5. Overindulgance: World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto, Madden, dumb young hotties (both real life, simulated and Girls Gone Wild)
  6. Acceptance: 'Oh well, that sucked -- but not a damned thing I can do about it now.'
  7. Redefinition of Self: 'What doesn't kill me makes me stronger -- I just hope I don't run across a woman who will kill me.'


  1. Anger: 'That bastard!'
  2. Gluttony: 'Gimme ice cream and get me my fat clothes!'
  3. Claiming Mutual Friends: 'You and I are still friends, right?'
  4. Industry:'I've rediscovered shopping... and I am so good at it I'll save lots of money!'
  5. Overindulgance: 'Hey! Boys like me... and they don't know how much I hate all men so I can do what I want with them!'
  6. Acceptance: 'That bastard!'
  7. Redefinition of Self: 'I'm going to start that diet, paint my room and actually go to that yoga class!'


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