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Thursday, June 7, 2007
I Am Not An Animal (I Just Want To F**k Them)

HEY HEARTUN~ I heard that Second Life had a lot of fetish groups, that's why I joined. In the real world I am into beasteality, (sic) but I would like a more socially acceptable outlet for my proclivity. I've tried joining in with some 'Furries' but they all seem to reject me because my avatar looks like I really do, human.

They all seem to want me to put on a Furry suit, but that's not my thing. Where do I find animals in Second Life who want to play animals... and play with me as I am? ~ BEAST RIDER

DEAR BEAST RIDER~ It is true that the majority of Furries out there want to engage in a fantasy of both being animalistic and being WITH an animalistic avatar played by someone with a similar interest. But I don't think you are correct in your early conclusion that Furries won't take you as you are. Be polite. Perhaps mention your particular interest in your biography in as PG terms as possible. And be patient.

On a personal note, I hope you find what you are looking for in Second Life because it just turns my stomach thinking of you playing out your fantasy elsewhere. I'm not particularly judgmental about fetishes, but I do not condone any that don't have full consent by all parties, and animals in real life cannot consent. Fortunately, the ones in SL can (assuming that Linden Lab keeps out the underaged, as they should.) ~ HEARTUN BREAKER

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