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Sunday, August 26, 2007
All In The Family

Hey Heartun~ Recently I caught my Second Life girlfriend getting some poseball loving from my real life Dad (on his SL account)... they didn't see me, and I haven't confronted them yet. It happened at the skybox we share, and they were going at it like rabbits...all lovey-dovey etc. I always knew my lover was bisexual, but this is a shock! (I'm a girl)

What should I do? ~ Daddy's Lil Girl

Dear Daddy's Lil Girl~ What you SHOULD do is get out of Dodge, both in real life and the second one. Join the Army and go see the beautiful Mideast. Too dangerous, you say? Not compared to living with a man who will kipe on your main squeeze. If he'll do that, he'll do anything. And don't think he isn't fantasizing about you while he does the 'squeeky squeeky' with your purdy purdy pet. I mean, if he just wanted a little side action he could hang out in Ravenglass for a while or stroll through Fuscia.

He didn't do that. He went after someone close to you because he hasn't worked up the nerve to go after you yet.

As for the girl friend... you'll find another in the Green Zone.

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