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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
She Doesn't Like The Way I Eat Her

HEY HEARTUN~ I'm into vore but the kind of vore that tears and renders to eat my "dinner." Its an out of control animalistic thing and I don't know who I am when it happens. My "dinner" really taps into the passion within me. She makes me feel lusty, powerful, and free -- and I love her. But I'm a hard vore and she is a soft vore and I don't know that we can ever mix. In Second Life my fantasy comes to life and I can kill her over and over again but I know when I gorge myself to physical and sexual satiation she isn't getting off. She gets me off, and I know that she wants to be swallowed whole -- but when I see red I lose myself to my desires. In real life I get my woman off but in this world I get carried away with this fire that I can't control fully. What do I do? ~ Chew Swallow

DEAR CHEW SWALLOW~ Vore, the consumption of your partner for emotional and sexual satisfaction, is a fairly rare fetish. It sounds like you have a partner who enjoys being eaten and pleasing you as well but you are so wrapped up in your own kink you are neglecting her slightly (but significantly) different take on vore.

Time to be a man and just fake it. If mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy. Worse than that if you aren't giving her what she wants she will likely find someone who will. Be a good lover and trade off or start keeping copies of all your chat logs so you can review them after she ditches you.


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