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Monday, November 12, 2007
Darth: "Luke, I am your father" Luke: "Wow, that's almost as freaky as this one guy I heard about!"

Hey Heartun~ I am a male in RL who came to SL just to have fun. Minutes into
playing, i decided to throw away my male av and make a female one. i've
always been more in tune with my feelings, not gay, or even metrosexual,
just more in tune. in short, i wanted ppl to see me for who i was inside.
i SWRP (star wars role play) and while playing, i met THE most
wonderful person, another female av, and we got to know each other, and fell
in love.

i was so in love, i knew i had to tell her, even with the fear
that she might not want me. i finally worked up the courage, and when i
told her, she revealed to me that she also is a male in RL. i've got
to tell you, this hit me like a brick wall. but, it took me only moments
to realize that i loved her before, i could love him now. as i said
before, i've never seen myself as gay, i've never so much as thought of
myself as bi-curious. it is only recently that i have come to look at
myself as bi, through the help of a friend who has taught me to
accept myself for what i am, although i could never, ever see myself
with a guy other than this one. we still have female av's, and continue
living as lesbians, we're even engaged in SL. i'm just not sure what i
should do. i mean, when we first told each other, we thought we'd just
keep it in SL, but i have come to realize, that i love her/him so much.

i guess that i really am bi. umm... help? ~Confuzzled

Dear Confuzzled~ Sounds like you've got a good handle on the situation. I don't see what the problem is. Have fun.

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